Parent-Child Reunification is a term given to the process of reuniting children with their parents/guardians after an emergency/crisis which prohibits the normal dismissal process from occurring.   In the event of an off campus evacuation, our standard procedure is to transport students by bus to the Clarks Mills United Methodist Church on Route 358.  Dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the evacuation, an alternate location may be chosen.  The instructions for reunification with your child are as follows:

  • You will receive a prerecorded message from a school official stating the details of the emergency, with instructions on where to go to pick up your child.
  • Upon arrival at the site, there will be signs directing you to the reunification location. District personnel will also assist in directing you where to go.
  • You will need to check in at the reunification station to sign your child out. You must have a photo ID with you for this process.
  • Upon validation of your identity, your child will be retrieved and released to you.
  • Students will only be released to their parent/guardian or an individual who is listed as an emergency contact on the student information sheet. This information sheet was previously completed by the parent/guardian at the start of the school year.
  • If you are unable to pick up your child immediately, he or she will remain at the reunification location with district personnel until you arrive.

Dependent upon the circumstances, if your child drove to school he or she may or may not be able to remove the vehicle from the district parking lot.  In this case, you are advised to pick up at your child at the reunification site.