Academic Decathlon

CPHS Academic Decathlon

What is it?

The CPHS Academic Decathlon team is part of the Pennsylvania and United States Academic Decathlon. Each year, a new curriculum is presented for study with competitions focusing on ten academic areas: Language and Literature, Math, Art, Music, Science, Social Science, Economics, Essay, Interview and Speech. The curriculum is organized around a broad theme.

Leveled Competition

Academic Decathlon is not just for “A” students. There is a place for anyone who enjoys reading and learning. Students compete at three different levels based on their grade point averages in academic subjects (as determined by the U. S. Academic Decathlon). Divisions include:

  • Honors Division
  • Scholastic Division
  • Varsity Division

When testing, students are competing only with students in their division. A team is made up of three students at each division, with additional alternates possible. The team score in competition is derived from the top two overall scores in each division.

Time Commitment & Attendance Policy

The team typically meets after school two-three days a week. This will be increased as needed. Attendance at practices is encouraged, but not always required. Required attendance will be communicated in advance. While Decathlon is more of an individual competition, we are still a team and need to act as one.

Responsibilities to the Team

  1. Commit time to the reading
  2. Study the curriculum
  3. Prepare and practice for speeches
  4. Be prepared for presentations & teaching
  5. Be available for practices and testing events



     1stmeetteam The 2016 – 2017 Academic Decathlon Team


Commodore Perry’s Academic Decathlon Team attended the Regional competition  at McDowell High School in Erie. The team finished third in the small schools division and 6th overall to qualify the team for the state competition in Lansdale, PA. The team earned ten medals: 

Emma Byler – Varsity bronze in economics & essay
Nathan Buzza – Varsity bronze in music
Noah Scott – Varsity silver in music
Haley Bell – Scholastic silver in math  & Scholastic bronze in economics
Kaycee Cresswell – Scholastic bronze in essay
Julia Mozes – Honors bronze in math
Kate Wilkosz – Honors bronze in math & Honors silver in essay


finalistteam — 2017 Finalist Team
honorsteam — 2017 Honors Team
scholasticteam — 2017 Scholastic Team
varsityteam — 2017 Varsity Team