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The Commodore Perry School district will provide transportation to all qualifying students in the accordance with State guidelines and mandates.  Students will be assigned to both a specific bus and bus stop.  All students are only permitted to ride the bus to which they have been assigned and must get on and off at their assigned stop.

Students will only be permitted to have one pick-up location and one drop-off location.  Having a different address in the AM and PM is acceptable as long as the addresses remain consistent and on an everyday basisSplit days per week with multiple pick-up and drop-off locations are not permitted.    Requests to ride alternate buses for the reasons such as visiting a friend, relative, or various student lessons will not be granted.

It is the bus driver’s responsibility to establish a regular schedule within a reasonable range of time. Drivers are not permitted to wait for students at pick-up points. It is unlawful for a bus to hold up traffic. Parents are responsible for having their children at the bus pick-up point on time. Parents should help develop good safety habits and talk to their children about appropriate behavior waiting for the bus and en route to school. Children should go directly home when departing the bus. It is important for the parents to support the bus driver and principal when dealing with student misconduct on the bus.