2023 PIAA NW AA Regional Wrestling Championship
Indoor Events: Spectator Decorum
The presence and/or the use of balloons, banners, laser pointers, noisemakers, pom-poms (by spectators), shakers, signs, sirens, strips of material, towels, whistles, and/or portable listening devices (without earphones) are PROHIBITED! The Principal and Athletic Director of each school will be requested to confiscate these items from their cheerleaders and/or spectators from their school and community. The use of pom-poms by cheerleaders and small portable listening devices with earphones is permitted. During basketball Contests cheerleaders may utilize portable signs in their cheer performances and confirm that this does not violate the intent of the “no sign” policy. Spectators are prohibited from removing their shirt and/or using body paint while in attendance at District and Inter-District Championship Contests. Principals and Athletic Directors of competing schools shall announce and publicize these regulations.


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Updated Athletic Guidelines 11-18-2020

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