Parking & Lockers


The top right corner on your schedule has your locker number. Except for 7th & 9th grade & new Career Center students, Most student will have the same locker as the prior year.
Please take care of your locker as it will possibly be yours for several years. Please report broken doors, hangers, shelves to the Office.


All driving students must register each year for a parking spot.
If you had a parking spot from past year, that will typically be your spot for this year.
Before students drive to school, they must register the following in the High School Office:

  • License Plate
  • Insurance Card
  • Make & Model, Year & Color of vehicle

All driving students must obtain a parking permit.
Inappropriate actions in the parking lot will cause your parking permit to be revoked for an undetermined amount of time.
Parking in the grass is not acceptable!
If damage is cause to your car while it is in the school parking lot, please report the incident to the High School Office right away!
If you drive off the school lot without reporting damages to your vehicle, the school can not help you, more than likely your insurance company can not either.