Enrollment of New Students


Contact Info:

Chelsee Fulmer

(724) 253-3255 ext. 1240



Where To Go:
To register as a new student, please stop by or call the above contact.   You will be given a packet with all necessary forms needed to register your child.

Welcome Letter

Student information sheet page 1

Student information sheet page 2

Authorization for release of school records

Technology usage agreement

Media Permission

Student Residency Questionnaire

Transportation Request

Parent Statement

Home Language Survey

Documents to bring with you::

Birth Certificate

Immunization Records

Name, address and phone number of previous school.

Court orders concerning custody issues

Proof of Residency    Proof of residency can be one of the following:


Utility bill
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation identification or drivers license
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation vehicle registration
Copy of State/Federal program enrollment
Copy of paycheck stub with name and address of employee and employer
Lease or mortgage
Wage Tax Statement