School Robo Calls

 Information that the district provides through the district wide Robo call system will be listed below as to when they broadcasted.

Robo call system

8/21/18   Beginning of School Announcement

Good evening, this is Kim Zippie, Superintendent of the Commodore Perry School District.  The Commodore Perry staff and I look forward to welcoming our students back to a new school year tomorrow, August 22rd.  Here at CP, we see every student and staff member as a learner, and we are excited to grow and build our Learner-Centered Growth Culture together.  Our teachers and support staff have been committed to creating new opportunities to engage students in learning.  A perfect example of this engagement is our Panther Broadcasting crew.  They produced a special Welcome Back video that you can access on our website.  Just click the Panther Broadcasting tab on the right hand side, and you will find a link to the CP Broadcasting channel where you’ll find the “Welcome Back” video.  Our summer crews have also worked very hard to get our building prepared, and thanks to Mrs. Harold, our elementary entrance has an inspiring new look!

Next, I have a few informational items to share with you.   First, we want to welcome three new staff members: Mr. Dan Ledebur, our new High School Principal, Miss Jen Peet, our new elementary and choral music director, and Mrs. Traci Cropp, our newest instructional aide.  All three will be tremendous assets to our CP family!

For those students attending the Mercer County Career Center, please be reminded that it does not begin until Thursday.  If any student that attends the Career Center wishes to be dismissed early, he or she must bring a signed note from his or her parents to the high school office, or they will not be released.

Meet the Athlete night is this Thursday, August 23rd at 6:30 PM in the high school gymnasium and the first PTO meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 4th at 6:00 in the Faculty Room.

If you missed any of this information, you can find a hard copy of it on our website under “recent news.”

Thank you for entrusting your children to us, and we look forward to partnering with you as we cultivate our Learner-Centered Growth Culture!

7/16/18 Opportunity To Purchase Technology

Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  I hope that our CP families are enjoying a great summer of relaxation, rejuvenation, and some real world learning!  I want to let you know of an opportunity the School Board is offering to purchase technology at a reasonable price.  As we update our student technology devices with Chromebooks, some of our Dell laptops are no longer being used.  They are approximately 4 years old and are in working order.  The cost for a laptop is $50, and the limit is two, although you may request additional laptops if they aren’t all sold.  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please call the Central Administration office at 724-253-3255 to make your request or receive more information.  Thank you and enjoy the rest of the summer!