School Robo Calls

Information that the district provides through the district wide Robo call system will be listed below as to when they broadcasted.

Robo call system


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  I’m sending a reminder that lunches are still being prepared for pickup on Mondays and Wednesdays between 11:00 – 1:00 through at least the end of June.  If you no longer want to receive lunches, please call either the high school or elementary school offices at 724-253-3255 to have your name removed from the list.  Again, if you no longer wish to pick up lunches, please call the school and leave a message in either the high school or elementary school office with your name and the number of lunches you were receiving.  Thank you and enjoy your evening!


Good Evening this is Mr. Ledebur.  As we look forward to graduation, I wanted to share a couple of helpful reminders.  First, on Thursday evening please remember to arrive at the school around 5:30 pm.  All will enter into the North entrance near the High School.  Staff will be there to assist and stage your vehicles in these two parking areas, as we send our seniors’ cars around the building to be parked in alphabetical order for the ceremony.  Once you are parked to begin the graduation ceremony, please remain in your cars, as we are still expected to maintain appropriate social distancing.  Additionally, all individuals will be asked to wear a mask into the building for the in-person portion of the ceremony.  Only graduates and individuals speaking will be able to remove their mask once on stage.  We appreciate your help in ensuring this ceremony follows the guidelines placed on us by the state.  It is our privilege to honor our graduating class of 2020, and we look forward to seeing them on stage this Thursday.

Thank you, and have a good evening.      


Good afternoon, this is Kim Zippie.

WGRP has provided an opportunity for members of the CP family to send our senior class special shout-outs of well-wishes.  You can find the directions on the CP webpage.  All messages must be sent by 5:00 PM Saturday…that’s tomorrow.  So don’t delay…record your message and send it today!


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  As we reflect on the last days of the 2019-2020 school year, none of us could have imagined that we would have ended our time together at a distance.  We would never have chosen this distance, nor do we like it, but we also know that we have learned much during this time away that will make us more efficient, effective, and much stronger in the future.  To that end, I have some important information for you.

First, we have established procedures for students to return Chromebooks and other materials, as well as retrieve anything that was left in lockers or desks.  There will be two opportunities to return and retrieve these materials: Tuesday, May 26th from 10:00-6:00 and Wednesday, May 27th from 11:00-1:00. Third through sixth-grade elementary students will report to the cafeteria entrance and staff members will greet them, take materials from them, and return any items that were left in their desks or lockers. Kindergarten through 2nd grade will follow the instructions the teachers have communicated.  Students in grades 7 through 12 will report to the high school entrance and will be given directions as to where to return Chromebooks and other materials, as well as emptying the contents of their lockers.  Students may want to bring a bag or backpack to carry their personal items.  Due to the limited number of people we can have in the building at one time, it may be necessary for students to wait a few minutes before entering the building.  As a reminder, all students in grades 2nd through 12th should be sure to return their Chromebooks and chargers together.  These are school-issued materials just like textbooks.

Next, please watch the district website for links to join our 2020 graduating class of seniors as they celebrate both baccalaureate and graduation next week. Baccalaureate will be held Wednesday evening and graduation on Thursday evening. Both events will be live-streamed and/or broadcast.  While only seniors and their families can be in attendance on their graduation night, this is a unique and special class, so please help us wish them well from afar!

Just as an FYI, report cards will be mailed to students in the second week of June.

Finally, we want you to know how grateful we are for all of your support and flexibility over the past two months.  We know that this hasn’t been easy for anyone!  As we look toward next year our sincere hope is that we will be able to resume a somewhat “normal” school schedule as we left on March 13th  and will keep you updated as we learn more from the state.  We will also be sending a survey link in the next month to gather feedback from you, our families, regarding what worked, what didn’t work, and what we could do better to support you as you helped your students learn from home.  From all of us at Commodore Perry we wish you a healthy and safe Memorial Day and a summer filled with special memories.


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  It’s hard to believe that the year is winding down, and we are approaching Memorial Day and the end of the year.  I will have a more detailed message in the next few days regarding days and times for returning materials and retrieving personal items from school; however, I do have a quick update for those who take advantage of our school meals.  Due to the Memorial Day holiday, there will be no lunches provided on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Meal pick-up will resume on Wednesday and continue Mondays and Wednesdays through at least June 30th.  Stay tuned for additional information.  Have a great evening!


Good evening seniors and senior families. This is Mr. Ledebur. It is our hope as a district that this message finds you both safe and healthy.  

As we look back on the year that was, or wasn’t, one thing has not changed, and that is the fact that we have incredible seniors at Commodore Perry.  Thank you to all of our seniors and senior families for your hard work and patience as we look toward the time of Graduation.  

On Wednesday, May 27th we will be holding a live-streamed Baccalaureate ceremony.  You will be able to tune into the Panther Broadcasting page and watch the Baccalaureate Ceremony for the Class of 2020.  You can find this link by going to and hovering your cursor over the activities tab.  When the drop down menu appears, please click on the words Panther Broadcasting.  This will take you to the Panther Broadcasting YouTube page.  Once there, you will see the live streaming of the 19-20 Baccalaureate Ceremony.  We hope many will log in and join us for this important ceremony.  

Then on Thursday, May 28th we will be hosting our Graduation ceremony for you, our seniors, and your chosen family members at the Commodore Perry School District. Seniors, you are permitted to bring up to 7 family members of your choice, plus you for a total of 8 people. Please limit yourselves to no more than two vehicles for your entire family.   We ask that you and your family members begin arriving at the school by 5:30 pm, at which time parking attendants will help you park alphabetically. Social distancing will be expected to maintain the health and safety of all participants.  Once you are parked you will be able to tune into WGRP 92.7 FM or 940AM to hear pre-recorded well-wishes and the graduation ceremony.  Additionally you can watch the ceremony through Facebook live at  Feel free to share this information with family members both near and far. Links to these opportunities will be posted on our websites.  After the speeches and awards are concluded, the in-person awarding of diplomas will begin. A parking attendant will direct graduates to move around the building in alphabetical order and park in the front of the building near the cafeteria.  At this time, the individual graduate and family members will be invited to enter the building and be escorted to the multi-purpose room to receive his/her diploma, have pictures taken, and then move to the elementary library to finalize paperwork. The newly graduated senior and family will then return to their vehicles and be directed out of the parking lot as we work to honor the remaining graduates.  Seniors and family members will be asked to remain in their vehicles until it is their time to enter the building.  Ignoring this request will result in removal from school property.

We look forward to the opportunity to honor our seniors, and we appreciate your support, patience, and safety, as we all work to provide our seniors with this special and memorable moment in their lives.   


Good Afternoon seniors and senior families.  Tractor Day will happen on Wednesday at 10 am.  While parents are invited to view the parade from the parking lot, we are requesting that there be a one vehicle per family limit in order to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and in the parking lot.  Please make your way to the school parking lot by 9:30 am, where you will be assisted by a CP parking attendant, unless you choose to follow your senior to ensure his/her safety.  If this is the case, we will help you park when you arrive. Please note that a few guidelines must be followed in order to remain in compliance with our government regulations:

  1. All spectators must remain in their cars while viewing the parade with windows up.
  2. All students must remain on their tractors and will be appropriately distanced apart. 
  3. Spectators who have not followed a student will wait to be dismissed until after all students have exited the school property.  

The actual parade will have students complete two laps around the school before exiting the school property. It is critically important to understand that this tradition is a great tradition; however, it is also one that requires students to make good decisions and stay safe.  Participation is at the total discretion of the students and families. We hope for a safe and memorable tractor day. 

See you on Wednesday.


Good Evening to the CP Community this is Mr. Ledebur.  I wanted to invite each student in grades 7-12, and their families to attend our Online Awards Assembly.  This event will be streamed on Thursday, May 21st on our Panther Broadcasting YouTube page at 10 am. You can find this link by going to, and hovering your cursor over the activities tab.  When the drop down menu appears, please click on the words Panther Broadcasting.  This will take you to the Panther Broadcasting YouTube page.  Once there, you will see the live streaming of the 19-20 Awards Assembly. Details on the pick-up of physical awards will be forthcoming. We hope each of you is able to tune in and see this year’s award winners.  

Thank you, and have a good night.


Good Evening Seniors.  This is Mr. Ledebur.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate for Tractor Day tomorrow.  Tractor Day will not be held tomorrow,  instead it will be rescheduled for Wednesday, May 20 at 10 am.  Also, I would like to extend an invitation for your families to drive up and participate as well, if they are able.  Families would be asked to park their cars along the parade route, and stay in their cars during the parade to wave or maybe hold out a sign celebrating you.  Please make your families aware of this opportunity as we try to make Tractor Day extra special.  I will share with you another reminder at the beginning of next week.  Again, Tractor Day will not be happening tomorrow, we will look forward to next Wednesday.  

Also, please make plans to join us for a Google Meet Awards Assembly on May 21st at 10 am.  Each of you will be receiving a Google Invite to attend.  Additionally, we will invite other possible award winners, and post a link on the district website where others in the district and community will be able to watch the assembly.  Presentations for awards will be made, and we will work to include other important senior moments.  Please remember to join us for this assembly on May 21st at 10 am.  

Thank you and have a good night.


Good Evening Seniors this is Mr. Ledebur.  As always, I hope this message finds you both safe and healthy. I want to make you aware of an opportunity  to hear about two options for graduation for this year.  You will receive an invite to a Google Meet with me tomorrow at noon.  If you are able to attend that would be great.  During the meeting, I will explain the options, as well as the survey we are going to use to decide how we will proceed as a district.  This will be an opportunity to hear your choices and then take part in the decision through a survey. 

I look forward to seeing and sharing with you tomorrow.


Good Evening, this is Kim Zippie.

We at Commodore Perry hope that each household continues to be safe and healthy, as the best thing about CP is it’s students.  With the school challenges that the community has experienced this year, I want you to know that we are working hard to help our students end the school year strong.

The senior class is certainly one group of CP students that has faced both challenges and disappointments this year.  For this reason,  I wanted to reach out to the community this evening, to share with our senior class and their families some insight into graduation.  We share the belief of both students and families that it is important to provide our seniors with a memorable and safe graduation.  Please know that the Commodore Perry School Board has created a committee, and this committee will meet to discuss options with district administrators.  A variety of plans have been developed and will be shared with the committee.  These plans will each take into account government restrictions, Department of Health guidelines, and the guidance of our local solicitor to ensure that we are compliant and that we create a memorable, but safe event for all involved. Nothing has been shared to this point as we wanted to ensure that we had all the necessary information possible before making final decisions. We assure you that the event will be memorable and we look forward to sharing this plan soon.  Thank you and have a good evening.


Good Afternoon Seniors, this is Mr. Ledebur.  I wanted to call this afternoon to remind each of you to be at the school tomorrow between 12-3 to pick up your cap and gown.  Please follow the same traffic pattern we had during our material distribution day.  It will be exciting to have you back on school grounds.  Please remember to stay in your car as we are still held to state guidelines.  Also, please know your family is welcome to ride along in the car with you if you choose, but no one is permitted to get out of your vehicle.

Also Seniors, be on the lookout for a Google Document from Mr. Ace.  This document is called the Senior Questionnaire, and information completed in the document will be used for graduation and for state reporting.  We are asking that you accurately complete the questionnaire as soon as possible.  The questionnaire needs to be completed by every senior.

Additionally, even though Dr. Zippie wasn’t able to meet with each of you in person for lunch, she would still like to meet with you virtually and ask you a few questions before you graduate.  She will send out Google Meet invitations for a variety of times to touch base with you.  

Finally, please understand this is not CP Tractor Day for safety reasons and the need to carry a number of things home.  A Tractor Day parade will be held on Friday, May 15th.  More details will follow at a later date.

Stay healthy, Stay Safe, and Good Afternoon.


Good Evening Seniors!  Once again it’s your principal, Mr. Ledebur.

I have a very important message for you this evening.  Next Friday, May 1st, we will distribute your caps and gowns from 12:00 pm-3:00 pm.  This distribution will be done just like the material distribution we had on March 19th.

Please enter the school property by pulling into the HS parking lot and driving around the back of the school.  It is important that you make plans now to attend this distribution…that means no sleeping in or sending someone else.  Mrs. Cawthorne and Mr. Moinet want to see each of your smiling faces.  As a matter of fact, if you want to, you can even decorate your car so we know it’s you.  With all the protective equipment we have to wear, it is sometimes hard to see. 

So, mark your calendars.  Next Friday, May 1st from 12:00-3:00, you need to come to CP and get your cap and gown.  You might even see signs of how much you’re missed!


Good Evening seniors.  This is Mr. Ledebur, and I hope this call finds you all healthy.  

I wanted to reach out and share a few important pieces of information with you this evening.  At last evening’s board meeting the Commodore Perry School Board voted in favor of waiving an important graduation requirement for this senior class.  We greatly appreciate the board’s support of our seniors.  For this year, seniors are not required to complete a senior project.   I understand for many that is a relief, and for some a disappointment, as you looked forward to completing the project.  Please know that the work done is appreciated, and your efforts are respected by the Commodore Perry School District.  

With these requirements waived, our seniors have a much clearer pathway to graduation.  Seniors, make sure you are participating in all of your assigned Google Classrooms.  Your effort, communication, and participation is the most important thing you can do right now.  If you are experiencing problems accessing work, you need to either contact your teacher, or use the Technical Support Request Link. Finish the year strong, and do not miss out on opportunities to grow and achieve additional academic success.  

Additionally, the Commodore Perry School District is making plans to reschedule your prom in the coming months. However, this is totally dependent on the directives received from Governor Wolf. We hope to have clearer answers within the coming weeks.  Also, I have been in contact with Mrs. Cawthorne and Mr. Moinet, and we are working on a way to get your caps and gowns to you safely, while following guidelines set by the government.  We continue to look for ways to honor our seniors, so please understand you are always on our minds. In the very near future, you should receive a sign that honors your status as a Commodore Perry senior.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and goodnight.  


Good Evening this is Mr. Ledebur, Commodore Perry  High School Principal, 

First, I want to take a moment to thank the students and parents for the hard work they are doing at home.  Your teachers have equally been working hard to provide you with opportunities to learn, and they are constantly sharing with Dr. Zippie, Dr. Young, and myself some of the great things you are doing. So keep up the good work, students, and again thank you parents for the help you are providing during this challenging time.  

Students, Dr. Young and I are also keeping track of the work being done in your Google Classrooms, and we would encourage those of you who are participating consistently to continue!  However, there are some students that we would like to encourage to either increase your level of participation or begin participating. As stated in the Continuity of Education Plan posted on the district website on April 6th, we are continuing to grade work as if you were still going to school each day.  You want to give yourself the greatest opportunity to earn the best grade possible, and that starts with participation. We believe each of our students is capable of achieving success.  

Parents, if you have any questions regarding expectations for your student, please contact us.  Begin by emailing his or her teacher. Dr. Young and I are also willing to provide additional assistance to students and families.  As an example, In response to feedback we had from parents, we posted materials and videos on the district website to help both parents and students navigate online learning.  Most recently, we posted a video for Google Classroom Navigation, as well as a further explanation of planned instruction for grades 3-12 as is written in the Continuity of Education plan.  Also, if you run into a technology issue, we have a link on the CPPanthers web page to help. Simply submit your request on the Technical Support Request link. You’ll also find a link to Educational Resources for Families.  

We greatly appreciate the work that staff and students are doing, and the tremendous support parents are providing.  As a district we will continue to look for opportunities to help both our students and families and appreciate your feedback.  Thank you. Stay healthy, stay safe, and goodnight.   


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie,

As I’m sure you have heard, last Thursday, Governor Wolf mandated the physical closure of schools for the remainder of the school year but not the continuation of learning.  The Commodore Perry School District will continue its commitment to provide learning for our students through both online and paper/pencil venues.  Our teachers have devoted many hours to preparing engaging activities and assignments to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as part of our Continuity of Education plan which has been submitted to the Department of Education and is also posted on our website.

With the latest news from the Governor, however, I have a few important updates. First, we are extremely aware of what a disappointment this closure is to many of our students, but perhaps most significantly to our seniors.  Seniors, you may feel that the dreams of what these next few months “should have been” seem to be lost; however, please know that we are looking for creative ways to celebrate this significant time in your lives.  As plans are finalized, details will be shared.  You, our seniors, will be honored in special ways…perhaps differently than expected, but special nonetheless.

Second, those students at any grade level who have completed paper/pencil assignments since the closure of school, will have two options to return work for feedback.  One is to drop it off during meal distributions on Mondays or Wednesdays between 11:00 – 1:00 at the cafeteria entrance . Packets can be handed to staff members who are distributing meals.  The second option is to place packets in the dropbox that is clearly marked by the District Central Office entrance by the playground. This option has been made available to parents and students for 24/7 convenience.  Either way, assignments should be placed in envelopes with student names and grades clearly marked.  Extra envelopes will be available at the cafeteria entrance during meal distribution.

Speaking of meals, if you haven’t signed up for lunch and breakfast meals but would like to do so, please complete the Meal Request form on our webpage.  There is NO charge for these meals and everyone is eligible. If, however, your student had a balance on his or her lunch or breakfast accounts prior to the building shutdown, and you are able to pay it, please send a check to the school business office or make an online payment through your Pay For It account.

Finally, please keep checking our website for additions to parent resources, videos, and other important information.  Remember to submit technical support requests through the link on our homepage so that the issues can be promptly resolved.  I cannot express enough how much we miss our students and would like nothing more than to see them in person; however, these challenging times provide unique opportunities to live out our vision and mission statements and  learn and grow in ways we never could have imagined!  Thank you for your support and patience as we continue this unexpected journey of 2020!


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie

I hope that your family has been staying safe and thriving during our mandated school closure. One of our teachers said that she read that it should be called “physical distancing” and not “social distancing.”  We want to be sure we continue to connect with our students and provide them with the learning, social, and emotional support they need…because that’s what the Commodore Perry staff does best!  We miss our students! To that end, I have some important information to share that you can also access on our website under “robocalls.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has required all school districts to provide a Continuity of Education plan as a way to continue educating our students. While we have been providing opportunities for students to continue to engage in learning, we will be officially implementing our plan to continue learning next Monday, April 6th through online learning for grades 3-12 and paper pencil opportunities for grades kindergarten through second.  Students in grades 3 -12 will be expected to complete one to two graded activities per week for subjects and courses that they have on a daily basis and two – three activities total for their special subjects during the duration of the closure.  These expected activities will be posted on the teachers’ classroom pages and clearly marked as “expected” for the week by 8:00 on Monday.  Teachers will also post “optional” activities for those students who want to expand and enrich their learning beyond what is expected, and those will be marked on their pages as well.  Each teacher will offer four hours of online office hours each week in grades 3-12 and will have them clearly marked on their classroom pages. Additionally, there will also be a schedule of teachers’ office hours posted on our webpage.  Teachers will be available to parents and students to ask questions during these times.  Of course, you can always email teachers at any time with questions or concerns, but direct communication can happen during those times.  Students in grade K-2 will continue to complete learning packets that will be provided in three-week increments.  Further information will be provided by the K2 teachers regarding the distribution and collection of these materials.  You will also receive information about the office hours for our K-2 learners.  This plan will be posted on our webpage at

It is extremely important to our CP family to know that our students are safe and doing well.  We will be watching for student engagement through student interaction and completion of the online activities.  If any student is not actively engaged in these learning activities, teachers will be reaching out to students and parents to check in and offer assistance or support as needed.  We truly care about our students and want to do everything in our power to provide for their learning, social, and emotional needs.

We believe that we have addressed technology and wifi issues for our students and families in grades 3-12 so that everyone has the ability to access online instruction; however, if your students experience an issue with a Chromebook or you have other technological needs, please go to our website and complete the Technical Support Request Form on the front page.  Our AmeriCorp members will coordinate with Reeves Information Technology and provide assistance to you as soon as possible.

Lunches will continue to be provided on Monday and Wednesday next week.  The following week, there will be no lunches provided on Monday or Tuesday due to the Easter vacation and will resume on Wednesday, April 15th.  This brings me to an important announcement.  The school calendar will NOT be altered, and students and staff will be off as scheduled on April 9th, 10th, and 13th.  Active engagement of learning expectations will resume on Tuesday, April 14th.  The school year will end as scheduled, one way or the other, on May 28th.

Finally, keep an eye on our website for some special videos and photos that will be shared by our staff and even some students.  They are working hard, and I am extremely grateful for all that they do.  As always, I appreciate the tremendous support, grace, and understanding you have provided during these history-making times.  The CP Family is the best!! Have a great evening!


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  It’s exciting to see so many of our students continuing to engage in learning! Whether it’s review or enrichment, online or paper and pencil, students are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities our teachers are providing to them!  One way some parents are helping their students to cope to the change is by creating a schedule to help establish some structure in their days.  It helps children to feel a little “normalcy” when everything else is far from normal!

Now for an update:  Meals are going to be available two days per week, starting next week.  Parents may pick up multiple meals on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00 – 1:00.  Two days’ meals will be given on Mondays, and three days’ meals on Wednesdays.  This will assist in lessening the social distancing demands of both our staff and families.  If you haven’t signed up for meals, you may still do so via the survey on our website.  Please also be reminded if you sign up for meals, please be sure to pick them up as multiple meals have been left most days.  Please know that we are working hard to support our CP families in any way we can and appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue down this new path in history!  Thank you and have a great evening!


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  First, I hope that your students were able to begin accessing the educational opportunities that have been offered through either paper/pencil or online.  I know that many of our teachers and support staff have been busy answering questions and providing lots of assistance to our students. If you have questions or experience challenges, please feel free to either call the elementary or high school offices and leave a message or contact your students’ teachers.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We will also begin to post some interesting informational videos and resources on our website to assist parents and students. Please check often for updates.

As many of you may have heard, this afternoon Governor Wolf issued an extension for school closures until at least April 9th.  There is obviously a chance that it may be extended beyond that date, but this is our guidance as of today. We will continue to update you with additional information regarding student learning opportunities and instruction as we move forward.

Additionally, we have had a few requests for students’ to access materials in their lockers.  Because we are extremely concerned about our students’ and staff’s health and safety, we would like to limit the number of people who are present in the building.  If it is absolutely necessary for your students to retrieve something from his/her locker, please complete the survey on our website to let us know your needs. Once we determine the number of students that must access materials, we will provide additional information to those families as to the procedures we will follow.

Finally, lunch distribution will continue as scheduled; however, we are evaluating the possibility of limiting it to two days per week and supplying multiple meals at one time.  As a reminder, though, if you ordered breakfast and lunch, please be sure to pick it up. We’ve had 10-15 meals that were not picked up each day. If you want to cancel your complete order, please call 724-253-3255  Extension 1228.

As always, we are very grateful for your patience, support, and flexibility as we continue to journey through this unknown territory!


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  First, a huge thank you to all of the staff, parents, students and others in our CP family that made our instructional material distribution yesterday such a success!  The day went smoothly and close to 97% of all of the materials were delivered.

While the Governor’s mandate for school closure continues, students can access educational opportunities online through teachers’ Google classrooms (primarily grades 2-12) and/or via paper packets (grades K and 1 and those without access to the internet) as distributed yesterday. All work is supplemental and will not be graded at this time.

No decision has been made about the remainder of the academic year or when in-person classroom instruction will resume. Any further information about the academic schedule or work requirements will come from official district communication channels, including the district website and our robocall system.

The only operation that will continue is the daily distribution of meals. Distribution of meals to all school-age persons under age 18 will continue daily from 11:00 to 1:00.  If you have not previously completed the survey on our website or called the school at 724-253-3255, Ext 1228, you may still do so prior to Monday at 9:00 AM.  Please do NOT add your information if you have already done so.  Also, please be sure to pick up the meals if you’ve ordered them.

These uncertain times have required all of us to adapt as we continue our mission of serving our students and families. Thank you for your continued patience, support, and understanding.

3/18/2020  Evening

Good evening.  This is Kim Zippie.  Commodore Perry School District will be providing curbside meals, free of charge, to any student residing within the district 18 years of age and under, including those students who attend Head Start within the district. We will provide a cold breakfast and lunch. This service will begin Friday, March 20, and will continue each weekday through March 27, during the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. The pick-up location will be at the side door of the cafeteria. Parents will line their vehicles up in front of the cafeteria where meals will be brought out to them curbside, just like the instructional materials distribution, making meal pick-up easier and traffic patterns more efficient. For planning purposes, we are asking that you order ahead of time by either completing the Meal Request Survey on our website at, or by calling (724) 253-3255 X1228.  Please complete the survey OR call by noon tomorrow, Thursday, March 19th, if you are interested in taking advantage of this meal service.  Should the need arise for meals to continue to be offered beyond the March 27th date, we will update you with next steps. If your student is in need of a gluten-free meal, please notify the person handing you food upon pick-up.

In case you missed any details of this message, you can find it posted on our website along with the Meal Request Survey link.  Thank you again for your support and patience!

3/18/2020  Afternoon

This is Kim Zippie.  In light of the current state of all things related to COVID-19 going on in the country, Commodore Perry is making preparations for the potential that students may need to receive instruction from home. We understand the extreme challenge and difficulty that this may present for many of our families and students, and we are working tirelessly to make it as smooth as we possibly can, given the circumstances. Part of that process is ensuring that you have all of the materials necessary to help make instruction at home possible for your child(ren).    In order to distribute instructional materials, the following procedures will be implemented. Families may come to the school tomorrow, Thursday, March 19th, during one of three windows to receive their students’ materials.  These hours include 9:00 – 11:00, 1:00 – 3:00, and 4:00 – 6:00.  Parents will be asked to enter at the high school or north entrance and proceed around the building to the elementary entrance, forming a line as directed by a staff member. Vehicles will stop in front of the cafeteria where a staff member will greet them and ask for names of students. The materials will be retrieved and brought directly to the families.

Please know that this will require patience and understanding to accomplish this task.  We appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and support as we navigate this uncharted territory.

Also, this is very important.  Although we are distributing materials we are NOT, and I repeat, NOT asking your children to start completing work.  You will receive notice from the District when official work should begin.

Finally, if you are interested in receiving meals during the closure, a second call will be sent this evening to explain this process.  If you missed any of this announcement, you can access this information on our website.

Again, thank you for your patience and support.


Good morning, this is Kim Zippie.  While we are extremely hopeful that it will not be necessary to extend our school closure past the March 30th mandate, we are trying to be realistic and prepared in our planning.  A number of you have responded to our technology survey, and we learned some good information from it.  Thank you!  Now we need more specific information in our next step of preparation.  If your child or children are in the second through twelfth grades, and you do NOT have access to Wifi or have limited data available, please call the school office this morning to let us know.  We are preparing paper/pencil assignments and are considering other possible options to ensure that learning continuity can happen if necessary.  The number to call is 724-253-3255, and you can select either the high school or elementary school to report your technology needs.   Again, if your child is in grades 2-12, and you do NOT have Wifi access or have limited data available, please call the school this morning at 724-253-3255 to report this important information.  Thank you!


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  As many of you have heard, Governor Wolf issued a statement closing all K-12 schools for the next two weeks beginning Monday, March 16th.  This means that school will not be in session, and there are no instructional requirements through March 29th.  There will be no activities taking place, and no one is to be in the building with the exception of those cleaning it.  Our hope is to resume classes on March 30th.  We will provide further updates as we receive them.  As I reported last night, these are unprecedented times, and we appreciate your support and cooperation as we move through them! Thank you!


Good evening, this is Kim Zippie.  I am calling to provide some important information that the Commodore Perry School District will be providing regarding potential plans to address the Coronavirus Pandemic that has become an unprecedented focus for our country.   Please know that we are not panicked, but we are being prepared.   We want you to know that our students, staff, and families’ health and safety are the utmost importance to us.  We are taking the necessary steps to keep our building and facilities as clean and germ-free as possible.  However, additional steps may be necessary as directed by the Department of Health or the Governor’s office.  We will strictly follow any mandates given.  To that end, if we are instructed to close our schools, we are developing a plan to assist our students to continue learning.  A letter will be sent home tomorrow and is currently posted on our website with important information regarding potential actions.  You’ll find it linked as CP Superintendent Pandemic Planning Update with today’s date.   In preparation for any action, we need your assistance in two areas.  First, if your contact information has not been updated since the beginning of the year, please call the school offices tomorrow morning.  If you want to receive brief text updates, you’ll need to provide a mobile number if you haven’t already done so.  Second, there is a link to a survey on our website to identify your child’s grade level and your accessibility to the internet.  If you are able, please follow the link to answer these brief questions.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us journey through uncharted territory and times.